My Name

My name is Ilyssa. I was named by my mom and dad. My name is derived from the normal name Alyssa. The name Alyssa means “noble” in German and “rational” in Hebrew. However, that’s not my name, my name is spelled with an I. The reason it is spelled this way is because my dad’s name is Imru and my brother’s name is Imar so my mom wanted to keep a theme by giving me a name that starts with an I. My mom was very close to naming me Veyoncé because the year I was born beyoncé was on the rise in music and was extremely popular. As you can see for my name the idea was to give me someone else’s name but switch the first letter to make it unique. In the end my name does not really have a meaning my mom just liked it and it’s not that different or one of a kind. I’ve never met anyone with my name but I know other people have it on social media so I guess other people’s parents had the same idea.

One thought on “My Name

  1. Ilyssa…thank you for sharing. I am sorry it’s taken some time to get to this. What you’ve posted here is a start, but it’s not close to being considered quality, completed work. You will need to write more, use structure, and ask for help if you’re struggling with these prompts.


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