I don’t believe that time heals wounds. At least personally in my life. I know that many people only need time to heal, I feel that time alone doesn’t do much to make a person move on. Closure is needed to move on from trauma. If you don’t talk about issues or get therapy, in my opinion time alone does not make what you went through any easier. You can go through your entire life thinking all you need is some time for your mental health to gt better. However, if something triggering happens and you haven’t confronted your problems then you can break down. Mental health is not like a physical wound, you need more than a cast to heal. Time, methods of healings, support groups are all needed to end suffering. Time alone is not enough.

One thought on “SUFFERING AND TIME

  1. This was such an impressive start, Ilyssa…I would’ve loved to read more…more examination, more explanation, more!! Remember, if it’s not a Human Question it’s 250/300 minimum….the word count allows/asks you to delve deeper.

    Also, never a single paragraph post!!! Structure is your friend…treat it well!


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