I agree with Thoreau’s ideas in some ways. I believe much of the human experience is on autopilot, however not everyone has the privilege to enrich themselves intellectually, and live a life that is truly “awake”. I am not very conscious in my actions, most things I do are just to get me through each day. There have been times in my life when I have felt fully awake but it is during times when I am not following a routine or being told to do something. For me the only thing that gets in the way of living a deliberate and conscious life Is the fact that you need to have certain luxuries. Not everyone has access to basic necessities, education, or wealth. Most Things people do is for survival, so when Thoreau states that people are awake enough for physical labor I don’t believe this is by choice. People do not wish to participate in backbreaking jobs, dead-end jobs and other sorts of things that don’t make them happy, this is just a means for survival. If everyone could just pick a thing that they love doing and make money off of that they would do it in a heartbeat.That world sadly doesn’t exist, people have to make a living and if that means living a life that is mundane or unconscious then so be it. I am a teenage who doesn’t have the responsibilities of life quite yet so waking up and choosing to live life with a purpose is much simpler for me. Usually if I don’t have school or work I feel as though I have more control over my day and what I decide to do with it. This in turn makes me feel more creative and free.

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